Fast growing water sport

Kiteboarding is the fastest growing water sport on the planet! It’s exhilarating, cutting edge and environmentally friendly as all you need is the power from the wind. It’s fast, it’s extreme and it will change your life forever!

Easy to learn

Compared to windsurfing and surfing, kitesurfing is a relatively easy sport to learn and is evolving every year. With a variety of different disciplines, such as freestyle, wakestyle, freeride, wave riding, speed and kite racing, it is able to be enjoyed by people of all ages!


Adelaide has a number of perfect spots for kitesurfing – from beginner to advanced rides. The combination of side shore winds and shallow waters makes these spots perfect to learn kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and teaching yourself how to kitesurf can be extremely dangerous. As any kiteboarder will tell you, the quickest and safest way to become a independent kitesurfer is to take lessons. So don’t risk injury – take lessons from certified professional instructors with years of kiting experience. We can cater for all styles – cruising, big airs, fast riding, kite loops or course races are all available.

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